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Xinjiang Blue Ridge Tunhe Sci.&Tech. Co., Ltd. is a high-tech and new chemical material enterprise full-fledged greatly attributed to Xinjiang natural resources advantage and also a joint venture with dominant state ownership and minor foreign shares. The company has 258 million registered capital and more than 1,000 employees and 90% of the workforce with education of junior college, technical secondary school. The company has four wholly-owned subsidiaries engaged in the …
Xinjiang Blue Ridge Tunhe Energy Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xinjiang Blue Ridge Tunhe Chemical Industry Joint Stock Co., Ltd., is located in Lama Huliang Industrial Park, 6 kilometers from Qitai County, 70 kilometers from limestone mine in Qihu…
The company’s Expandable Polystyrene Resin (EPS) project with a capacity of 120kt/year is a key chemical project built by Xinjiang Blue Ridge Tunhe Chemical Industry Joint Stock Co., Ltd to implement the strategy of advantageous resource transformation and …
Xinjiang Blue Ridge Tunhe Polyester Co., Ltd consecutively imported a PET production line of 60kt /year with continuous polymerization process from AQUAFIL Engineering GmbH and a solid-state polymerization production line from Italian UOP…
Xinjiang Blue Ridge Tunhe Profiles Co., Ltd., a modern science and technology enterprise, mainly produces high weather-resistant, color and aluminum-plastic composite PVC energy-saving windows and doors. Being the major high-tech and new-tech…